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Social Reality Buys Five Delta to Consolidate Social and RTB OfferingsSocial Reality, Inc., one of the promising young leaders in automated digital platform technology and social management software for online advertising, tells NativeMobile it is acquiring Five Delta.

If you’re not familiar, Five Delta specializes in the execution and management of media buys across social platforms.

“Five Delta has developed patent pending technology that will integrate into the SRAX (Social Reality Ad Exchange) platform and allow both publishers and media buyers to benefit from the optimization of both social and RTB media buys,” a provided statement reads.

Chris Miglino, CEO and cofounder of Social Reality, believes the acquisition is a smart move.

“We are excited to integrate the Five Delta technology into our platform and to further enhance our offerings to our customers,” Miglino says. “We continue to build technology that bridges the gap between social and RTB media buying, and Five Delta will help us accelerating these offerings.”

The company’s Social Reality Ad Exchange (SRAX), an SSP introduced last year, connects online publishers with demand partners and buyers through advanced programmatic technology and RTB integration. The platform has earned a reputation “for making buying and selling of display, video, mobile and in-app advertising an easier and more efficient experience than other digital ad technologies.”

“It isn’t often I see such an interesting ad technology company and, better yet, be fortunate enough to join forces with it,” notes Dustin Suchter, Founder of Five Delta. “Honestly, I get excited when things start to multiply and have a really meaningful impact on the marketplace.”

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