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Social Native, the technology platform for creating high performing branded content, is launching “Content Optimization Engine.”

Designed to drive increased performance for paid media campaigns,

Optimization Engine follows the Six Sigma methodology, taking a disciplined, data-driven approach that merges the art and science of content marketing to create content that is proven to perform.

“Social Native aggregates feedback from the brand, content performance metrics, and a proprietary Social Native content score to create a continuous improvement loop where data is used to influence future content development,” reads a statement emailed to MAW.

Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., marketer of numerous over-the-counter healthcare and household products, recently used Social Native’s Optimization Engine to create custom content for its various campaigns.

The upshot? It’s good news.

“We are always analyzing ever-evolving consumer habits and the impact they have on consumer consumption of content and brand education,” said Eric Tash, the Digital Marketing Manager at Prestige Brands. “Content has a short half-life and by leveraging innovative technologies, we are able to further extend our brand’s messaging and connection with consumers.”

This comes on the heels of Social Native’s acceptance “as the youngest U.S. company” in the Facebook and Instagram Content Marketing Partner Programs.

In other news, Social Native added Brian Zweig to the executive team as SVP of Partnerships. An early executive at Ampush, one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners, Zweig built the sales team from the ground up, reaching $300 million in sales before joining Social Native.

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