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Social Media Goes Up, Paid Advertising Falls AutoPilot Report Says 65 Percent of Companies Want to ‘Do Better Job’A brand spanking new Autopilot report has revealed that 65 percent of companies felt that their marketing departments could “do better at staying in touch with their customers.”

“According to the report, marketers feel that there is much to be desired when it comes to staying in touch with prospects” noted the company’s report summary shared with NativeMobile. “In fact, a majority (65 percent) feel that their marketing department could be doing a better job at communicating with customers.”

What’s amiss?

“Companies who maintain a regular cadence of communication with customers, at least every two to four weeks, generate double the leads,” claims Autopilot. “More than 60 percent of marketers use mass email blasts to stay in touch with customers; however, only 13 percent are using marketing automation software.”

In addition, while businesses are investing more in their websites, brand marketing, and social media forays, they’re spending a whole lot less on paid advertising.

Despite what consumers may think about the constant drum of marketer communications, more than 35 percent of companies claim they send communications to customers less than once per month. Nearly half admitted they send two to three communications each year, tops.

Automation software may be the missing link. Small and medium sized marketers who avail themselves of marketing automation software are perceived to be twice as effective at keeping in contact with customers as companies that lack marketing automation.


“The shift from products and services being bought to those being rented as services has created a much more intimate vendor-to-customer relationship that more closely resembles a partnership,” said Michael Sharkey, Autopilot’s CEO. “Cloud services and subscription-based businesses that deliver technology as a service paid monthly or annually, versus up-front, are focused on the lifetime value of the customer. Lifetime value of the customer is driven by their loyalty to the brand, which in turn, is generated from excellence in product, customer service and marketing.”

Autopilot posted a lot of must-see charts and graphs documenting its findings. To learn more, click here.

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