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Smaato Supercharges SPX Platform Simplifies Native Mobile Ad Building for More Publisher Ka-chingIt’s going to be an industry first. Brand new native advertising and private marketplace functionalities will make Smaato the first platform to unite native advertising with a mobile-first, full-featured monetization platform.

The company, a leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers, just expanded its publisher platform (SPX), to include a super-simple native advertising builder and private marketplace functionality.

“These two features are on the forefront of mobile advertising technology, and now will be integrated into Smaato’s platform, which is already the largest independent, globally-focused mobile exchange,” a company statement provided to MAW reads. “Smaato is beefing up its real-time advertising platform to give more control to its 90,000+ mobile publisher and app developer partners, helping them boost monetization in the busy Q4 season.”

The idea is to get rid of “obtrusive advertising” — the kind that irritates users and prohibits mobile publishers from monetizing their marketing.

When done well, native advertising on mobile is believed to be extremely effective and drive four times higher click through rates than mobile banner ads (some dispute those lofty claims, however). Some research, though, does indeed show they’re viewed 53 percent more frequently by consumers than other ads.

“In the mobile advertising industry, the mantra is innovate or lose,” said Ragnar Kruse, Smaato’s CEO. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the mobile ad experience – whether that’s by improving the relevance and aesthetics of ads, eradicating mobile ad fraud or helping maximize the revenue mobile publishers make from their ad space. We want to give our 90,000 mobile publishers every tool they need to be successful – and today, we took a huge step in that direction.”

This news also marks an expansion of Smaato’s Dynamic Demand from three components to four, according to the announcement.

As of this writing, the company is working with 90,000 mobile app developers and publishers, serving up to 6 billion ads each day across 600 million unique monthly mobile users globally.

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