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Sizmek’s StrikeAd Now Has Enhancements for Mobile Video Ad BuyersSizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns, is out with two enhancements for StrikeAd.

StrikeAd, a mobile-first programmatic media solution, created the changes as part of its self-service SaaS offering.

What’s new? Now advertisers can access hyperlocal and contextual video ad targeting capabilities on StrikeAd’s mobile first demand-side platform (DSP).

“Ad buyers are empowered to target audiences with industry-leading accuracy, both by physical location and relevance,” a Sizmek statement to the press reads. “Through StrikeAd, marketers are able to accurately target users based on their locations, so ads are delivered to consumers at precisely the right moment.”

This targeting is enabled via the platform’s recent integration with Peer39, enabling access to proprietary page-and app-level intelligence to ensure media buyers get brand-safe, strategically useful placements.

“The singularity of audiences on mobile video is driving its popularity among brand marketers, as they better align their ad spend to impact exactly who they’re trying to reach on devices where consumers are spending a lot of time watching video,” noted Gary Revenson, the Global Director of Technology at Maxus. “As budgets devoted to this device and format increase, it’s even more important that marketers know those dollars are working hard and reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right creative.”

StrikeAd also announced a partnership with Dailymotion Exchange (DMX), the private video exchange of Dailymotion, one of the largest video platforms in the world with more than 3.5 billion videos views per month.

“Since video is the primary driver of mobile content consumption among consumers worldwide, it’s important that we’re able to offer our clients premium video inventory from leading providers like DMX,” said Mike Caprio, GM of Programmatic and SVP of Global Partnerships at Sizmek.

“It’s also important that we empower our ad buyers with mobile-first tools such as location and context to identify and target audiences on the go, enabling them to maximize the impact of their video spend alongside display, and to provide them with the choice of a managed or SaaS offering,” Caprio added. “Together, these additions to the StrikeAd DSP provide best-in-class inventory, targeting and execution so brands can continue to effectively connect with quality audiences in creative and meaningful ways.”

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