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Sizmek Adds Digital Audio Channel to Ad ServerMAW can now confirm that Sizmek has rolled out the availability of digital audio on Sizmek’s end-to-end workflow management platform.

Also new are digital audio capabilities to Sizmek’s mobile DSP, StrikeAd.

We’re told that integration with several partners, including Triton Digital, are enabling the new offering.

“Through this integration, buyers using the StrikeAd DSP can access audio programmatically for the first time,” a provided statement explains.

By enhancing both Sizmek and StrikeAd to support digital audio, Sizmek now provides complete digital audio campaign deployment through a single platform, in addition to programmatic audio campaigns on mobile devices.  Marketers can leverage the Sizmek platform to reach their target audience whether they’re at home or on-the-go, through desktop, mobile, connected TVs, Wi-Fi speakers and gaming consoles.  Sizmek also provides actionable reporting and insights to help marketers optimize their creative, messaging and delivery to increase the reach and return of each campaign.

“Digital audio is on an aggressive growth trajectory with an audience that has proven to be both diverse and engaged.  The medium cannot be ignored by marketers who want to execute modern multi-channel campaigns, and they should continue to push for diversification and recommend new audio inventory sources and exchanges,” said Gregg Rogers, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek. “We saw this as an opportunity to work with different audio publishers and solve issues at the core of this growing channel. We’ve developed a solution for advertisers to help them reach their audiences through digital audio.”

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