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Looks like SITO Mobile is enjoying the summer and the hot opportunities its bringing to market in the mobile advertising space.

The company has announced an industry leading upgrade to its advertising service offerings via the addition of video ad formats to its location-based mobile ad targeting and Real-time Verified Walk-in products.

“Building on the strength of its location-based targeting technology and the successful launch of its Real-time Verified Walk-in (Real-time VWI) measurement and attribution service, SITO Mobile is enhancing this solution set by adding video capabilities – allowing clients access to hyper-local video targeting along with visibility into their mobile video campaign effectiveness in real-time,” according to the SITO team.

The benefit? SITO Mobile’s targeting and measurement tools combined with mobile video advertising allows for expansion of the reporting metrics attributed to video.

“The current standard for measuring video ad effectiveness is viewing time and engagement.  With SITO’s Real-time VWI, clients can now expand their measurement to client “walk-in” rate tied to video exposure,” according to the SITO team. “With this degree of measurement, mobile video ad campaigns can be optimized not only for engagement level, but also based on which videos are driving the most store visits.”

Options like this are in high demand, as mobile video surges. In fact, mobile video is expected to exceed $5 billion in 2017 ad spend, because of its excellent level of audience engagement and measurability (e.g. time spent viewing) and therefore commands premium pricing in the mobile ad market.

SITO Mobile aims to provide advertisers much more precise targeting (down to geographic latitude/longitude) and measurement/attribution tools.

“Combining hyper-local video targeting with our successful Real-time VWI product is another big step for SITO Mobile as we continually enhance our best-in-class location-based mobile advertising products,” said Jerry Hug, the CEO of SITO Mobile. “Real-time VWI gives SITO Mobile’s advertising clients unparalleled transparency into campaign performance along with immediate and actionable reporting – enabling them to make more timely and better decisions on campaign optimization – and now, on this foundation, they can target consumers with the power of highly engaging video ad formats.   As we broaden the awareness and usage of SITO Mobile’s Real-time VWI technology and service offerings, we look forward to bringing constant improvement to our clients’ campaign performance and effectiveness.”

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