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Show Me the Money: Mondo Report Says Chief Technology Officer is Top Job at $241K SalaryWhat’s the top paying job in digital marketing these days?

According to a fresh report from Mondo, the position of Chief Technology Officers tops the list of the highest-paid digital marketing professionals in 2016. The salary range? From $140,000 to 241,000.

Mondo, a leading digital marketing and IT resourcing provider, noted that other high-paying positions include Chief Marketing Officer ($140,000-238,000) and Vice President of eCommerce ($138,000-226,000), according to Mondo.

“The demand for digital marketing professionals continues to be incredibly strong, especially for marketing automation professionals and UI/UX designers,” said Gianna Scorsone, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations for Mondo. “In addition, we have seen new tech-driven marketing positions arise, such as the Chief Technology Officer and Demand Generation Analyst.”

Interestingly, one of the biggest spikes in salary from 2015 to 2016 are for Proof Readers — up 10 percent and now earning $41,000-65,000.

“Other positions with the most significant salary increase (9 percent) from 2015 to 2016 include: Digital Content Strategists ($76,000-121,000), Director of Social Media ($46,000-117,000), Director of eCommerce ($134,000-184,000) an VP of eCommerce ($133,000-226,000),” the firm reports.

What about digital marketing specialization areas? The highest 2016 salaries reported were:

Digital and Interactive

  • Director, Digital Marketing ($136,000-189,000)
  • Director, eCommerce ($134,000-184,000)
  • Director, UI/UX ($88,000-159,000)

Content Creation & Social Media

  • Director, SEO/SEM ($103,000-158,000)
  • Manager, SEO/SEM ($85,000-126,000)
  • Digital Content Strategist ($76,000-121,000)


  • Email Marketer ($84,000-152,000)
  • Big Data Analyst ($88,000-134,000)
  • Manager, Digital Marcom ($94,000-123,000)

Creative Services & Production

  • Director, Creative ($101,000-178,000)
  • Director, Art ($73,000-124,000)
  • Interactive Designer ($73,000-126,000)

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