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Sharethrough Report Native Advertising Software Use by Publishers Grew in 2015Sharethrough has just inked a deal for a native programmatic advertising integration with Adelphic, a leading mobile and cross channel demand side platform (DSP).

Major native advertising Supply Side Platform (SSP) Sharethrough pursued the integration to allow trading desks and media buyers who use Adelphic’s DSP to access massive audiences with in-feed display and video placements across mobile sites and apps on the Sharethrough Exchange.

“This move combines Adelphic’s deep vertical expertise of mobile advertising with Sharethrough’s network of premium publishers,” according to a statement emailed to MAW. “The integrations will run off the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3 spec that standardized the component parts for the real time trading of native ads.”

Notably, Adelphic, founded in 2011, is the first DSP to allow third-party buyers to purchase native video placements on the Sharethrough Exchange programmatically.

“Native video spend on mobile is expected to be a massive driver of growth in native advertising – which in itself is expected to cross $20 billion in spend in 2017, according to Business Insider Intelligence,” notes the statement.

Alex White, VP for Product Marketing at Sharethrough, is excited about the integration.

“At Sharethrough, we believe that native ads are the only format that makes sense on mobile and that mobile is the future of the Internet, which makes integrations like these essential to drive our business forward,” White said. “Adelphic excels at what they do and should provide us with instant adoption from the demand that exists in their platform, allowing us to scale marketplace liquidity for our publisher network even further.”

Sharethrough reported $140 million in native ad spend through its platform in 2016.

More than three-quarters of the impressions served through the Sharethrough Exchange in Q3 2016 were on mobile devices, with 77 percent of that inventory from the mobile web.

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