Native Mobile Advertising
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A new deal between Sharethrough, a leading native advertising supply side platform, and Yahoo’s BrightRoll DSP should help advertisers with a source for programmatic native advertising.

The integration means advertisers can turn to the BrightRoll DSP not only for omnichannel digital advertising, but also a supply of native.

“As a new supply partner, Sharethrough has been specifically selected and integrated into the BrightRoll DSP, Yahoo’s programmatic platform for digital video, display, and native advertising across devices,” reads the official word.

The Sharethrough Exchange serves 4.5 billion impressions each month, reaching 196 million unique browsers in the U.S. alone; it maintains a premium publisher network of more than 1200 sites and apps.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with one of the leading programmatic platforms in the industry, the BrightRoll DSP,” said Alex White, VP of Product Marketing at Sharethrough. “Native advertising is now easily accessible to all programmatic buyers, and BrightRoll advertisers will be able to easily scale high-impact native placements through the Sharethrough Exchange.”

The BrightRoll DSP is media-agnostic and provides exclusive access to Yahoo’s wealth of data and insights from one billion users and 165 billion daily data events.

“Native ads can deliver higher ROI for advertisers and publishers while making the ad experience seamless for users – a true win-win-win,” according to Greg MacDonald, the Senior Director of Programmatic Supply at Yahoo. “As a leader in native advertising, Sharethrough has built a programmatic marketplace of inventory that we can count on to perform and scale.”

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