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App and Game Development Comes to Connected TV Platforms Thanks to Corona Labs and PerkScreenz, a software based entertainment company that helps professional content creators to build interactive and personalized experiences with mass audiences, has just launched ‘Screenz Platform.’

The platform is designed to provide broadcasters and publishers a comprehensive content management system that can be used for any network, series, or show.

“The Screenz Platform creates and manages personalized and interactive digital content,” according to Screenz. “Through this seamless engagement with viewers, the Platform transforms audiences from passive viewers to active users, while learning about consumers to generate new revenues.”

The platform, now updated, features an ultra high performance cloud infrastructure, in-depth analytics from millions of validated users, an easy to use drag-and-drop CMS, and customizable mobile and web apps.

“The days of television as we know it are over, and it’s time we use the tools we have to offer a better product to our viewers,” said Eli Uzan, the CEO and founder of Screenz. “In today’s world where information and entertainment are served up to viewers 24/7, the ability to communicate with consumers on a real time basis is crucial.”

“Screenz is changing the game by opening up an entirely new avenue of interaction with viewers that has never been available before, and is extremely valuable to broadcasters and publishers. We are delighted to work with some of the top TV channels to evolve viewers’ engagement,” Uzan added.

Google recently selected Screenz Platform to case study the ability to scale mass audience engagement in real time.

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