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Say Yes to the Friend Request, MCommerce Apsalar Launches ‘Apsalar Audiences for Facebook’Connecting with consumers on Facebook could get a lot easier for mCommerce companies soon.

That’s thanks to Apsalar, a leader in mobile data management for mcommerce companies worldwide, which is launching “Apsalar Audiences for Facebook,” a new service enabling marketers to easily define and export app user segments for use as Facebook Custom Audiences.

“Using these Custom Audiences, brands can connect and engage with these known customers in advertising programs across Facebook and Facebook Audience Network,” the company explains. “Apsalar Audiences for Facebook empowers marketers to define groups of their app users based upon any consumer action that they track using Apsalar Attribution.”

App users are identified based on device advertising IDs including IDFA, IDFV, or Android Advertising ID.

Created audiences can be easily delivered to Facebook Ads Manager as a Custom Audience — targeting individuals with specific creative messages tailored to their needs.

Best of all: delivery is made seamless via Apsalar’s platform integration with Facebook.

“Presenting tailored messages to consumers based upon their interests and behaviors has never been more important,” said Michael Oiknine, Cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. “By enabling our clients to select specific app users and use them as Custom Audiences, this new service is an important new way we help our clients maximize ROI for their marketing investments.”

“Custom Audiences empowers any marketer to reach customers they already know through Facebook,” said Facebook spokesperson Stefano Menti. “This new Apsalar service will help its clients leverage Custom Audiences to better deliver on their key business objectives.”

Apsalar Audiences for Facebook is now available to Apsalar clients worldwide.

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