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Santa's Coming, 'Market the Crap Outta Those Cookies!'It’s a phrase the warms even the coldest of hearts this time of year: “Santa’s coming! Market the crap out of those cookies!”

A marketing veteran formerly with Nabisco and now with one of the CPG industry’s biggest names says the cookie business booms over the holidays, but only in recent years has the business been truly “cut-throat.”

“The first time I heard that expression about marketing the crap out of holiday cookies was probably 30 years ago, and it’s only become more true with time. It’s so silly and laughable, but it’s how it is,” the marketing chief tells NativeMobile. “You have to admire it to an extent. It’s passion for sales and quality product.”

In particular, he says with a chuckle, the Keebler Company has “some crazy people over there” in the marketing department. Based on what we’re told, the Keebler people take cookie marketing very, very, very seriously during the holidays.

Then again, every company who’s a true titan in the cookie world wants to be the brand of choice among families who leave cookies out for Santa.

Our cookie marketing guru says sales of pre-made or packaged cookies and cookie dough see astronomical spikes between December 18th and the 23rd.

This year should be no different thanks in part to social media.

“All these guys [cookie brands and manufacturers] will have ads running all over Facebook next week,” he says. “I’ve seen some already. Poor Santa is the ultimate marketing prostitute for the cookie business.”

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