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Run For It SourceKnowledge Launches ‘RunSafe’ to Aid Marketers Using Programmatic Video AdvertisingSourceKnowledge, one of the fastest-growing media buying platforms for video advertising, has announced its launch of the new “RunSafe” brand protection technology suite.

“The new suite furthers the company’s commitment to making the world of programmatic video buying safe and effective for brands and advertisers looking to reach their audience with cross-platform video,” according to a press release. “RunSafe employs three key pieces of technology: URL Match, Open VV, and Bot Blocker.”

While URL Match constitutes SourceKnowledge’s proprietary domain verification service for authentication of ad inventory (it detects nested iframes and masked URLs), OpenVV is a “third party verified technology that guarantees quality ad viewability” and tech that can verify when programmatic video campaigns are viewed by consumers in real time.

In addition, Bot Blocker is SourceKnowledge’s proprietary bot protection system that is “engineered to detect non-human sites and traffic and stop bot impression fraud at the source in real time.” One advantage: questionable domains are eliminated from both new and in-flight campaigns.

“We put brands and advertisers in control by giving them as many tools as possible to run successful campaigns,” said SourceKnowledge President and co-founder Patrick Hopf. “Programmatic video advertising is the future of advertising online but in order to deliver on that promise there must be on ongoing commitment from all parties to keep advertiser safety at the forefront of the discussion.”

SourceKnowledge, founded in 2009, is a Top 10 ranked video ad marketplace according to comScore.

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