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Preliminary results have been released by Rubicon Project relating to its work with publishers in a beta test of its video header bidding offering.

“FastLane for Video,” now in open beta testing with multiple video publishers, is reportedly driving double-digit percentage CPM rate increases and a 10X increase in competition for each impression versus standard tag implementations. The company expects the FastLane for Video product to be available by Q2 2017.

How does it work?

“FastLane for Video is integrated in Rubicon Project’s FastLane for display solution so a publisher that has both video and display inventory is able to utilize a single header bidding solution,” a provided statement notes. “Rubicon Project also supports the open source Prebid.js header bidding wrapper, which makes it easy for publishers to work with multiple header bidding providers should they choose.”

In fact, more than 75 percent of Rubicon Project’s premium publishers that currently utilize a header bidding wrapper utilize Prebid.js.

FastLane for Video consistently outperformed both RTB based server-to-server integrations for video as well as VAST tag based integrations. Win rates across relevant campaign KPIs processed through Rubicon Project’s FastLane for Video technology included:

  • 17 percent lift in CPMs as compared to a Tag based integration.
  • 8x more ad responses compared to a Tag based integration.
  • 6x increase in revenue compared to a Tag based integration.
  • 5x increase in paid impressions from FastLane for Video as compared to a Tag based integration.

“Video is, without a doubt, the most exciting, engaging and popular ad format in the market today,” said Tom Kershaw, the Chief Technology Officer at Rubicon Project. “Being able to offer a flexible variety of video header bidding options empowers publishers to improve the value of their audiences and secure enhanced advertiser spend.”

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