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Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform, and Integral Ad Science (IAS) have released information from their video ads research.

The results indicate that — within a particular set of video impressions —  up to 70 percent labelled as ‘in-stream’ were actually misrepresented as in-banner. The benefit of the research will be to help brands and agencies make better decisions regarding video ad inventory placement.

The Rocket Fuel study analyzed more than 47 billion video impression opportunities that were categorized as in-stream by an exchange partner or publisher.

“Rocket Fuel then used IAS data to determine whether those impressions were actually in-stream or not,” according to Rocket Fuel. “The test was deployed across both desktop and mobile, as well as private marketplace (PMP) inventory and Open Exchange to show a complete picture of the drivers of both high and low quality inventory.”

Rocket Fuel also found that traditional strategies that advertisers typically rely on to improve video inventory quality may not be effective, including large player targeting and PMPs. Solutions like large player size targeting only brought in-banner rates down by 4 percent compared to the average, and PMP showed a higher than average in-banner rate.

“The industry needs a new video solution for brands,” said Rocket Fuel CEO Randy Wootton. “We are dealing with a highly non-transparent market where many other video platforms are unable to accurately distinguish an in-banner from an in-stream impression.”

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