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Protected Media has announced that Revcontent is implementing its anti-fraud solution.

Revcontent, one of the world’s largest content recommendation networks, chose Protected Media’s anti-fraud solution which detects and blocks bots to protect brands. Revcontent reaches 97 percent of U.S. households, a reach just behind Google and Facebook.

“Revcontent denies 94 percent of publishers that apply to its network, due to high editorial and compliance standards,” according to the official word shared with MAW. “Revcontent built the largest compliance team in the industry that aggressively defends and protects consumers … (and has) some of the most stringent standards in the industry.”

In sum, Revcontent selected Protected Media to police a vast amount of third party content to prevent the inclusion of ads that aren’t viewable, as well as, fake clicks, and views. Using Protected Media’s solution, Revcontent is able to identify malware and block bots without mistakenly weeding out legitimate traffic.

“Our number one goal is to always protect consumers,” said John Lemp, the CEO and founder of Revcontent. “Partnering with Protected Media is another aspect of that defense that streamlines our team’s efficiency, ensuring that quality and engaging content is appearing to users.”

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