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On Monday, MAW learned that Relevnt has just been launched as a “real-time publishing platform” for a mobile-first web.

According to the official word, by re-architecting the mobile web, Relevnt offers publishers, brands and news organizations “a unique end-to-end platform to publish, distribute, and monetize web content in mobile.”

So how does it work exactly? By transforming websites into real-time newsfeeds that users can follow via the Relevnt media browser, we’re told that anyone can discover and follow the content, live events and trends they find most interesting in one easy-to-use place.

“Our goal with Relevnt is to restore the concept of ownership and control for publishers and content creators in mobile at a very low cost,” said Winder Hughes, the platform’s founder and CEO. “With consumers spending less than 10 percent of their time on the mobile web, Relevnt’s new architecture now provides a more efficient distribution and consumption experience that gives publishers, content creators and news organizations that ability to drive content, community and monetization, all in a new one-stop, mobile-first destination.”

With Relevnt, people no longer need to navigate to a multitude of single-purpose apps or websites on a daily basis. Now integrated into one interface, Relevnt puts the power back in the hands of the people — giving them full control over what they see, how and when, so they’re the first to know about the topics they care about.

Today’s press release explains that Relevnt offers publishers, media brands and content creators a way to reach 100 percent of their audience, 100 percent of the time by creating unique mobile domains that are mapped directly to their website.

To learn more, check out Relevnt here.

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