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Red Hat, Codenvy, Microsoft to Collaborate on Common Language ProtocolCodenvy, Microsoft, and Red Hat, Inc. are joining together on language server protocol. The collaborative effort is designed to provide a common way to integrate programming languages across code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs).

The news became official at DevNation 2016.

All told, the protocol would boost developer flexibility and productivity by “enabling a rich editing experience within a variety of tools for different programming languages.”

“Historically, most programming languages have only been optimized for a single tool,” said Tyler Jewell, Codenvy CEO and Eclipse Che project lead. “This has prevented developers from using the editors they know and love, and has limited opportunities for language providers to reach a wide audience. With a common protocol supported by Microsoft, Red Hat, and Codenvy, developers can gain access to intelligence for any language within their favorite tools.”

The Language Server Protocol is an open source project that defines a JSON-based data exchange protocol for language servers, hosted on GitHub and licensed under the creative commons and MIT licenses.

The protocol will allow developers to access intelligent programming language assistants – such as find by symbol, syntax analysis, code completion, go to definition, outlining and refactoring – within their editor or IDE of choice.

Harry Mower, senior director for Developer Programs at Red Hat, thinks the project offers great opportunity.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to improve the way software is created, especially in the cloud, and we are focused on bringing that innovation to our customers in a way they can more easily adopt,” Mower said. “Developer choice is a key area for us and interoperability of programming languages and tools is an important part of Red Hat’s developer strategy.”

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