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Read This Story About Facebook Clickbait -- You Won't Believe What Happens NextHave you seen the latest clickbait trend on Facebook? Of course, you have!

“A dog approaches an alligator and you won’t believe what happens next …” OR “A Mom leaves her baby with the puppy and you won’t believe what happens next …” OR “A man adds up what his wife would earn for all she does and you won’t believe the final tab!”

Not to be a clickbait party pooper, but I can usually guess “what happens next.” Can’t we all?

Nevertheless, as the data proves, these “you won’t believe what happens next” posts are working an epic degree of magic when it comes to luring and engaging readers.

Digital marketer Ian Hayes tells NativeMobile that the “practice of promising disbelief with just one click is more than sufficient to get that click.”

Hayes’ clients tell us that they’ve begun placing Facebook ads that lead readers back to their blogs, videos, and other digital content by using similar language. The results have been — according to Hayes — “super.”

Hayes hasn’t given us any specifics on the metrics used in these particular campaigns, but he did reveal that “what happens next” posts are garnering between 300 and 500 percent more clicks (depending on the hook) than ads offering similar content without the enticing “you won’t believe” set-up.

There is one caveat for marketers wanting to try the same tactic. Marketers who don’t truly have entertaining content or material to warrant the “you won’t believe what you’re about to see” lead-in will suffer the angry blowback. That’s inevitable — and it’s never good for business.

I must be an outlier here. I consider my time valuable and, frankly, these clickbait posts are becoming more and more predictable, if you ask me. In fact, I’m starting to avoid them like the plague. I’m so jaded I’ve turned green. And that so many people are obviously clicking on “unbelievables” that they should be able to write themselves, at this point, does not bolster my faith in the intellectual and predictive prowess of my fellows.

But you never know. Maybe you’ll soon see me on Facebook: “Writer refuses to click on unbelievable post — and you won’t believe what happens next!”

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