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React Mobile Offers API for Customized Wearable Emergency Alert SolutionsReact Mobile is a leading personal safety platform with a range of safety products for enterprise.

Now it has introduced ‘React Mobile API,’ providing the development community at large with access to React Mobile features and data.

“Using the new API, developers building wearables, apps, and other platforms can leverage the React Mobile safety platform and add widespread SOS alerting capabilities to their products,” reads a report summary shared with MAW.

The safety aspect is the salient feature.

“Consumers everywhere want safety included in their devices,” said Robb Monkman, the CEO of React Mobile. “Now mobile app developers and hardware designers can use our API to provide their users with the features and functionality of the React Mobile platform.”

Monkman tells us that the company has already conducted a private beta of its API with the Amazon Echo and several wearables. Now, they’re ready to see how the dev community integrates the tech in question with other apps and connected devices,

In short, React Mobile’s personal safety solution aims to transform a smartphone into a powerful lifeline.

To learn more or to check out it for yourself, click here.

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