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MAW has just learned that PulsePoint, a major global programmatic advertising platform, will partner with Tremor Video, Inc. The goal for PulsePoint is to add additional premium cross platform and multi-format video inventory to its global exchange.

It’s a no-brainer, since video continues to be a top driver of consumer engagement. The only challenge for marketers has been in finding enough quality video inventory to satisfy targeted audiences.

“Video is changing the way brands communicate with consumers and is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix,” explained Sloan Gaon, the CEO of PulsePoint. “Our partnership with Tremor Video advances our focus on making ads matter by helping marketers meet their video goals.”

PulsePoint’s cross-platform video capabilities include pre-roll, outstream, and in-app, which are all available via Client Side and Server Side header bidding as well as via traditional Tag.

“The incremental inventory from Tremor will be incorporated into PulsePoint’s private marketplace and open exchange offerings enabling seamless real-time transactions,” the company tells us. “In addition, buyers will be able to leverage PulsePoint’s proprietary contextualization technology to further the effectiveness of their advertising spend.”

“We are excited to bring additional premium video ad inventory to PulsePoint’s exchange,” said Paul Caine, Tremor’s Interim CEO. “This partnership creates an opportunity for our publisher partners to access unique demand and diversify their revenue streams.”

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