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The Fight Against Fraud Can Integral Ad Science's New Lab Help Detect Advertising DeceptionsBecause non-human bot traffic is still a big issue in online video advertising, Altitude Digital will partner with DoubleVerify to “eliminate fraudulent ad impressions before they ever reach a campaign or programmatic auction.”

Altitude Digital is an independent programmatic video platform.

The firm, it is no exaggeration to say, has been a pioneering force in delivering quality, non-fraudulent video advertising inventory, helping both publishers and advertisers maximize the opportunity within the growing video landscape.

“Through their partnership, Altitude will integrate with DoubleVerify, the recognized leader in digital performance solutions, to authenticate the opportunities flowing through its programmatic platform, removing fraudulent violations including non-human bot fraud, masked URLs, hidden ads, and impression laundering,” according to the company’s announcement. “This integration strengthens the inventory quality controls already offered through Altitude’s ARENA platform and ensures that advertisers can confidently buy high quality video inventory.”

Company execs hope their anti-fraud algorithms do the trick.

“Fraud prevention will be an ongoing effort in digital advertising,” said Manny Puentes, CTO of Altitude Digital. “Our integration with DoubleVerify ensures our programmatic platform directly layers the latest anti-fraud algorithms, reinforcing our zero-tolerance policy. It’s imperative we protect advertisers from having an opportunity to bid on fraudulent inventory.”

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