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Positive Reactions Abound to IAB’s Mobile Programmatic PlaybookMobile programmatic will be one of the main topics of discussion at the IAB Mobile Marketplace conference set for March 30 in New York City.

And industry leaders are looking forward to it with zeal.

“We’re at an inflection point where programmatic advertising is becoming more sophisticated with the buy and sell side applying their power to a broader, more diverse set of opportunities,” says Rob Kramer, general manager of mobile of OpenX in a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) post.

According to Kramer, the benefits of programmatic across the digital spectrum are patently evident.

For marketers, he says, tapping into opportunities via this 24/7 channel is of vital importance.

Why is programmatic so valuable in 2015 and beyond?

“It’s clear that programmatic can be a major contributor to almost all aspects of mobile campaign success due to the combination of decision making intelligence and speed across the programmatic value chain,” Kramer explains. “Brand marketers are leveraging programmatic channels to achieve the massive scale they need for their awareness campaigns, and advertisers now have access to numerous rich media, video, and native mobile ad formats which excel at capturing the consumer’s attention.”

There will be, however, things to discuss at the conference — including issues of data and transparency, says Kramer, who serves as co-chair of the IAB’s Mobile Programmatic Buying Working group.

“In the mobile ecosystem where cookies are less prevalent, a key point to note is that programmatic buying requires greater transparency in terms of mobile data signals to enable publishers to more effectively optimize their yield and brands to achieve greater ROI,” notes Kramer.

But the official release the IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook should help marketers everywhere.

For more details about the IAB Mobile Marketplace conference on March 30, click here.

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