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Polite Social Marketing Want to Say Thank You There's an App for ThatWant to thank a client, a customer, or anyone for that matter?

There will soon be an app for that.

A Canadian startup demonstrating its new app at SXSW may have just the thing.

“The app, called xocial [pronounced: soh-shuhl], allows users to thank their friends, spouses, kids, coworkers, neighbors, colleagues—anyone they’re connected with on Facebook or LinkedIn,” according to a statement provided to NativeMobile.

Of course, there are marketing implications as well.

But the “ultimate goal,” says CEO Colin Duetta, is to “recognize and share the good people are doing to inspire more.”

It’s a very upbeat — and, dare we say — Canadian thing to do.

“The principle is simple,” Duetta explained to SXSW attendees. “See good? Say thanks. Do good? Get thanks. xocial makes it fun to make a difference.”

We’re told the app even employs a new algorithm to actually measure the difference that users are purportedly making in the lives of others.

“This is where things get fun,” said company co-founder Michael Salvatori. “We call it your XO score. We value what we can put numbers to. And when we measure something, we can see change, set goals, compare results, and stay motivated. Plus, it brings out the healthiest form of competition—the drive to make a difference.”

All told, xocial has come a long way from the drawing board stage. Chosen for the mentorship program at Communitech, a renowned Waterloo, Ontario innovation center, it was also a contender for potential participation in the ASCEnt (Accelerating Social Cause Entrepreneurs) program.

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