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Point It, TripleLift Take Aim at Cross-Screen Native Advertising for MicrosoftNative advertising at scale across screens? The world’s marketers have grown closer to the goal.

For instance, Point It, the Seattle-based digital marketing agency, just announced it has launched a new native advertising campaign for Microsoft executed through Real Time Bidding (RTB).

It’s a milestone for sure — the industry’s first foray into accessing premium, in-feed native ad inventory, at scale via existing RTB partners and protocol.

The ads are served across desktop, tablet, mobile web, and in-app venues involving hundreds of premium publishers.

“Making native work at scale through programmatic RTB was our mantra,” says Jaime Allyne, director of display advertising at Point It. “TripleLift has been able to integrate their native advertising solution to fit within our programmatic buying strategy and DSP, and has proven to be a very valuable partner.”

The fine-tuning has revolutionary implications for the world of digital advertising.

“Brands and agencies can now access premium in-feed native ads via the TripleLift Native Exchange using a DSP,” according to a provided statement. “To make native advertising truly scalable, TripleLift’s platform ingests a single creative asset and dynamically renders thousands of unique ad executions that each match the unique look and feel of each site. This resembles the in-feed native ad formats brands can leverage on the Facebook Exchange (FBX), with the added functionality of accessing over 700 premium publishers and across all screens.”

While TripleLift delivered a 475 percent ROAS (unadjusted) for Microsoft’s native RTB campaign, Microsoft experienced an additional 40 percent boost in revenue from the native prospecting.

Microsoft and Point It have worked together for seven years and their progress has extended from search marketing in the early days to today’s larger expenditures for social and display via self-service DSPs.

“Many players in the industry are quick to throw around the words native and programmatic, but we are actually making it a reality through auction based media buying and RTB standards,” said Ari Lewine, Chief Strategy officer at TripleLift.

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