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Pitching Pasta Can Barilla Use Native Advertising to Nuke ‘Bad Carbs’ IdeaSometimes, when it comes to pasta, you just have to throw something at the wall and see what sticks.

It could soon be the strategy of Barilla Group. That’s despite the fact that the company, an Italian and European food company and the world’s leading pasta maker, is still making some of the best dough (both literally and figuratively) in company history. The group produces several kinds of pasta and is currently a global pasta juggernaut commandeering 40-45 percent of the Italian market and 25 percent of the U.S. market.

Why the need for native? Well, there’s still some lingering bad juju from the two decades long attack on “evil carbs” by everyone from food marketers to fad diet creators.

As if a diet of bacon and butter is better than a weekly plate of pasta … but we digress.

Back to our story. NativeMobile has learned that an “All carbs are good carbs” social media campaign — focusing mostly on visuals of hearty Italian families smiling and soaking up the joys of home made pasta dinners — has been pitched to Barilla by a London marketing agency. It also doesn’t hurt that the company, we’re told, has “been looking to bring its advertising into the modern digital age.”

Could native advertising power even greater pasta profits?

That pasta plate is still al dente, as it were, but we will find out soon.

Oh, and there’s this tidbit: regardless of Barilla Group’s decision on native, we’ve also heard that the company’s pasta making rival Bertolli is now taking social media ads very seriously and will step up their campaigns this year.

O sole mio! We’ll watch this development for you and report back if the sun will shine on native marketing for these pasta powerhouses. In the meantime, it’s lunchtime, and we’re thinking carbonara might taste good — that’s got butter, bacon, AND pasta (bases covered, capiche?)

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