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Perfecto is out with news of new tools created for developers and development teams who want to expedite web and mobile app development processes via faster debugging and troubleshooting.

A leading web and mobile quality lab, the company has launched the new tools through Perfecto’s on-demand, cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab. The tools provide fast feedback to mobile and web developers and their teams to speed up real-world feedback early in the development process. They’re designed to “identify and fix platform-specific bugs, and streamline continuous integration (CI) within the DevOps delivery pipeline,” according to the company.

Perfecto notes that this could be a welcome development, since recent research into mobile and web development “shows 25 percent of time is spent addressing a bug fix backlog, which slows down the velocity of releases and prohibits the innovation of new features that draw in users and boost engagement.”

In sum, this automation of the delivery pipeline will allow teams to test software from the moment it’s committed, reducing release risk and business uncertainty.

Perfecto’s new developer tools include a number of features, such as:

  • Injection of quality across development, QA and ops processes
  • Full support for native mobile testing frameworks
  • Improved visibility into bugs
  • Accelerated debugging

“In today’s digital era, velocity of the application delivery pipeline is a key success metric for software executives,” said Roi Carmel, the Chief Strategy Officer at Perfecto. “With this release, our goal is to empower mobile app and web developers to build a better delivery pipeline with an on-demand quality lab that supports high levels of test automation, and is integrated directly into their preferred coding environments, making it easier to gain reliable feedback, speed up build cycles and accelerate feature delivery.”

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