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PadSquad Boosts Mobile Rich Media with New 3D Touch, Haptic and Motion TechnologiesPadSquad is out with something new in its 3D Touch, Haptic, and Motion Technologies offering, designed to augment mobile rich media.

“3D Touch technology, which adds pressure sensitivity to screen interaction, allows brands and mobile users to get more out of a single engagement with experiences like “peek and pop” reveal, action triggered visualization and product zooming,” the company tells us. “Use of Haptic effects that include a series of unique vibrations delivers advertisers with an impactful new way to demand users’ attention and deliver a sense of reality, such as the motion of driving a car.”

In addition, motion powered mobile advertising lets the user take control abilities to navigate a brand experience with tilt, turn, shake, or rotate gestures.

It’s a move toward the next generation of rich media ad products from PadSquad, a mobile software and advertising technology firm.

The company has launched its 3D Touch, Haptic & Motion mobile advertising across its exclusive, premium publisher marketplace.

“Through the use of these tactile effects, brands are able to create a more meaningful connection with consumers with mobile-first ad experiences that bridge the human and virtual world in ways never possible before,” the firm says.

Several major brand advertisers are already on board, including Intel and Walt Disney World, which have adopted these innovative tactile features into their recent Q1 mobile advertising campaigns with PadSquad.

“The creative experience means everything to us at PadSquad,” explained Jennifer Gavin, an executive at PadSquad. “We are always seeking out cutting-edge ad tech to deliver stronger consumer engagement for our advertising partners. The adoption of 3D Touch, Haptic and Motion advertising creates a whole new level of interaction between brands and consumers with immersive rich media experiences built for mobile user behavior.”

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