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Original Ad Content Lands on the 'Rapt' Sheet for Condé NastOver the weekend, NativeMobile was briefed by the crew at Rapt Media on their freshly sealed agreement with Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ).

The deal, we’re told, will enable Condé Nast Entertainment “to enhance both CNÉ’s original digital video programming as well as its advertising offerings.”

But, alas, this is about more than just digital entertainment video content. There’s something in it for advertisers, too. And that’s what caught our attention.

CNÉ will smartly serve up Rapt Media’s platform to advertisers through “new integrated marketing packages.”

What’s in said packages, you ask?

“The new packages will include an interactive play within the actual ad unit, creating a unique offering that will allow visitors to CNÉ-operated sites to view the ads in a way that is personalized and more relevant to their interests,” the team at Rapt says.

All told, what the partners bring to the table for advertisers could ultimately prove to be the most important component of their new working relationship.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance the experience for our audience and advertising partners,” asserts Whitney Howard, SVP of Business Development and Strategy at CNÉ.  “Partnering with Rapt gives us a unique value proposition, and makes The Scene more effective in making connections between our audiences and advertisers.”

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