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Optimization is Everything in Mobile AdvertisingWhen it comes to mobile advertising, today’s paramount challenge is clear — to deliver the most relevant, influential, and valuable content possible to mobile users.

While buzz words like “big data targeting” still garner the bulk of attention from short-sighted mobile ad networks and media companies alike, the smartest players on mobile advertising’s battlefield are evolving just as quickly as the industry itself and now recognize that the biggest results come from optimization.

Fortunately for the continued advancement of mobile advertising — as both an industry and practice — several vendors have stepped up to the plate by offering unique optimization capabilities that have proven as innovative as they are effectual.

As NativeMobile reported last week, Tapjoy is taking optimization more seriously than ever this year, as illustrated by the company’s recently forged partnership with Experian Marketing Services. Consequently, Tapjoy became the first ad network to enable advertisers to better target their audiences using Experian Marketing Services’ bountiful cross-channel insights.

“We’ve heard from a lot of brand advertisers that one of the biggest concerns preventing them from putting more of their budgets into mobile is that they aren’t comfortable with the level of targeting options available,” Tapjoy CEO Steve Wadsworth told NativeMobile in an exclusive interview.

Similarly sounding the drum on targeting proficiency is Millennial Media, a juggernaut mobile ad network which often touts the optimization prowess of its Mobile Audience Solutions.

“What’s relevant to a consumer changes throughout the month, the day, even the minute,” the company admits on its website, noting that their optimization capabilities connect brands with their target consumers “at the moments that matter most, which increases relevancy for consumers and brands.”

Just last month, Airpush took mobile advertising optimization to the next level with the release of Share of Voice (SOV), an update to Airpush’s Optimizer tool that is already shaping up to be the offering that is most beneficial to performance advertisers.

“For the first time ever,” the Los Angeles-based ad network announced, “Share of Voice allows advertisers to monitor the percentage of wins a campaign is earning in order to precisely track how much of all available inventory they’re receiving.”

According to Airpush, Optimizer is the only campaign optimization tool in the mobile industry that “allows a two-factor drill down.” In short, the ad network explains, advertisers can manage the bids of incredibly precise segments created by combining two of such critically important factors as carrier, country, U.S. state, landing page, ad creative, PubID, device type, manufacturer, OS version, network connection, app and even time of day.

All told, with brands increasingly adopting strategies more in line with performance, SOV has the potential to be a breakout hit across the competitive optimization front this year.

From the industry’s most respected ad networks to the growing number of preeminent social networks making major moves in mobile advertising, we’re bound to see more innovative and effective optimization resources in the coming years.

Although advertisers and publishers still rely on hard data in order to make decisions about their advertising campaigns, with an ever increasing number of mobile devices entering the market, as well as carriers, apps and so forth, the data made accessible and actionable through mobile optimization tools can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of any mobile advertising campaign.

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