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First Look ‘Instant Play’ from Opera Mediaworks Integrated with Moat for More ViewabilityHere’s some news about touch technology for video advertising: turns out “touchy-feely” is a really good thing.

Now mobile advertising and marketing platform Opera Mediaworks has teamed up with Immersion Corporation to help marketers use it to boost campaign performance.

Immersion Corporation is a leading developer and licensor of haptic technology.

Word is that several major brands — such as Lexus, Peugeot, and a leading spirits brand — enjoyed significant growth in click-through rates, completed views, replay rates, and ad recall after adding haptic effects.

Haptic effects add an additional dimension to advertising: tactile effects like vibration and motion.

“Immersion’s TouchSense technology changes the way that brands can engage consumers,” according to a statement from the Opera Mediaworks team emailed to MAW. “By bringing the sense of touch to mobile advertisements, brands can creatively connect with users enhancing ad recall, strengthening brand impressions, and improving click-through rates. Ads that included haptic effects saw click-through rates improve between 28 and 220 percent over ads without haptics.”

In fact, the companies reveal that one brand experienced a 23 percent increase in positive sentiment, while another saw replay rates increase 31 percent on mobile phones and 59 percent on tablets.

“Haptics has been very successful adding a more realistic sense of feel to games, but advertising is a space where the creative use of the sense of touch really shines,” says Todd Whitaker, Vice President of Marketing at Immersion. “Our TouchSense technology allows creatives to connect brands to their prospects in a way that is only possible when visual, audio, and tactile senses are fully engaged in a concept. We are incredibly excited to continue working with Opera and its top notch brand partners.”

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