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Op-Ed Winning with Mobile in 2015The following is a guest contributed post to NativeMobile by Tiffany Goik, Director of Marketing at PM Digital, and Mary Beth Keelty, Chief Marketing Officer at PM Digital.

Between apps, video, search, and commerce, mobile provides brands with an unlimited opportunity to grow their digital footprint. For retailers in particular, mobile is the omnipresent storefront. For brands, it’s oftentimes the first platform where consumers interact with you. For everyone, it’s as much a regular part of life as your morning cup of coffee. In our 2015 Strategic Planning Guide, we explore the emerging technologies and initiatives that will shape brand marketing performance in 2015. Mobile will undoubtedly continue to define the E-commerce landscape.

Brands vying for digital attention are at the mercy of often fickle consumers, and perhaps even more fickle search and social providers. While we can’t tell you what Google or Facebook will do next, we can offer our predictions for the year ahead, based on some powerful 2014 trends, as well as our own insights and expertise. While we can’t tell you exactly what Google’s Knowledge Vault will look like 6 months or exactly how much ad spend will increase YOY, we can, without fail, tell you that mobile will be the deciding factor among the winners of 2015.

Mobile allows brands constant access to consumers. But an infinite flow of communication and a deep pool of customer insights offer new challenges to brands as well. Most consumers today spend their waking hours glued to their smartphones and are becoming increasingly expert at deciding which information is valuable and which is unworthy of their time. The mobile marketplace provides a deluge of ads, posts and brand touch points, and brands are learning that with such a proliferation of content, it can become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and pull away from the pack of competitors. While 2014 was a year for brands to increase their mobile activities, 2015 is the year for brands to perfect them.

Here is a glimpse of how brand marketers can harness the power of mobile in 2015:

Engage current customers: Think about everything one does using a smartphone: e-mail, social media, apps, browsing, etc. Are you taking advantage of every mobile touch point?

Attract new customers: Ninety-three percent of shoppers research a product on their mobile device before purchasing it in the store.

Support in-store purchases: With new technology, like Beacons, taking the place of store employees, consumers are using their devices to enhance their in-store shopping experience.

Drive revenue through mobile commerce: Mobile commerce is drastically on the rise, and purchases made on mobile devices are expected to see double-digit growth in 2015.

High atop every company’s list of to-do’s for 2015 is growing their mobile footprints, and in order to achieve this goal brands must invest in understanding how, when, where and why customers are interacting. Every marketer knows that mobile’s influence on ecommerce is growing, but attribution solutions can pinpoint exactly how mobile devices are influencing the ecommerce journey for unique customers. Enacting a comprehensive attribution solution allows your brand to better optimize mobile content and target customers as they move through the purchase funnel.

For more insights on mobile optimization, attribution solutions and more please download our complete 2015 Strategic Planning Guide.

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