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Noqoush Mobile Media Group (Noqoush), the owner of AdFalcon, is well known as the first and the largest local mobile advertising and data platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Now the company will launch its proprietary platform — AdFalcon Demand Manager (ADM)— to help telecom operators “ride the wave of mobile advertising through monetizing their big data assets and customers profile anonymously, securely, and at scale,” reads a provided statement.

ADM is a proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) helping Telecom operators and big data players from different verticals (e-ecommerce, retail, banks etc.) to monetize their first party data assets through targeted digital ads and across all screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop, and Connected TVs).

“Our investment in research and big data for the past 2 years are paying off now, we have a state of the art proprietary scalable technology that can be easily utilized by Telecom operators to start making money and bank on the revolution of digital advertising at ZERO cost (no OPEX and no CAPEX),” said Noqoush Mobile Media Group CEO Wael Quader.

“We are working with leading Telecom operators to commercially launch the service over the coming few months,” Quader added. “Our region is one of the top growing regions from a digital advertising standpoint, and we believe the lack of accurate audience information is a serious barrier for advertisers to scale their investment on this medium.”

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