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A company’s new division — Anura — will now fight fraudulent traffic by focusing on real-time analysis of user behavior.

Anura is the brainchild of full-service digital marketing firm eZanga. Anura is founded on a licensable solution that increases the percentage of ads viewed by real people, thereby increasing accuracy and conversion rates.

Development of Anura comes after ten years of analysis — from client input and campaign data to examined clicks. Its dashboard features a simple, transparent interface that allows users to examine where fraudulent traffic originates and its impact on ad campaigns. Additionally, it can compute robust sets of data into specific, client-driven categories that can easily be exported into reports.

According to the eZanga team, “Its speed and scalability is made possible by Oracle’s enterprise class database. To ensure that Anura has the most agile, server infrastructure, it is built on IBM Bluemix.

“To really understand advertising fraud’s impact, advertisers must investigate analytics behind their traffic in order to not lose conversions,” said Rich Kahn, the CEO and founder of eZanga. “Anura succeeds where other solutions come up short by shining a spotlight on what drives the fraud, where is it coming from and what you need to block it.”

The technology is designed to isolate good traffic from the bad by validating the user as opposed to how it interacts with an ad.


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