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Vydia is out with a new mobile app. Vydia Mobile incorporates key aspects from the Vydia platform, offering its more than 135,000-plus creators complete transparency on their video content and earnings through a dashboard of actionable analytics.

The company, a video tech startup helping video creators publish, protect, monetize, and distribute their content via a centralized platform, wants customers to be able to access data in a more digestible format.

The app also provides important information regarding content earnings and video performance across all networks including User Generated Content (UGC) claims.

“Creators are also able to organize their metrics based on a variety of factors including date published, network, or individual asset, allowing users to identify trends leading to video optimization and increased revenue,” the company tells us.

Vydia Mobile also features a multi-network publishing tool that allows creators to streamline and expedite the video publishing process across all social networks.

The Vydia Mobile App is free and is available now for all Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) systems.

“Vydia’s mission has always been to help video creators navigate the fragmented process of managing their content,” said CEO Roy LaManna. “Launching Vydia Mobile centralizes and simplifies the process of publishing, protecting and monitoring video metrics, while granting transparency users can’t find anywhere else.”

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