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Where Are Advertisers Going? To Mobile Video — in DrovesThere are two new vertical outstream ad formats from Mixpo in the news: Vertical Video Takeover and Vertical Video Reveal.

Digital advertising solution provider Mixpo designed the new formats to allow publishers to more easily create mobile video ad placements that work for mobile users.

“Smartphone users hold their phones vertically around 94 percent of the time, according to MOVR’s Mobile Overview Report, and Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends reported that vertical viewing accounted for 29 percent of view time in 2015, compared to 5 percent just five years ago,” according to the Mixpo crew.

Altogether, Mixpo’s suite of outstream video ad products give publishers a way to monetize their content with video ads outside of pre-roll. Powered by patent-pending inline technology, the suite is built to deliver a superior outstream experience by providing ads with player control scrubbing options and interactive capabilities, as well as high-fidelity video.

“Video ads have always played in the native player on iOS devices,” explained Justin Kistner, VP of product for Mixpo. “Several companies have tried to solve this by embedding video ads within a web page, but the by-product is either a very low fidelity video with audio sync issues or a video without audio altogether.”

“Out of sync audio isn’t just a user experience issue, but as we learned from Facebook recently, it is possible to miscalculate completed video views because audio and video tracks weren’t always perfectly synced,” he added. “We’re proud to have solved the video embed challenge with a solution that provides a perfectly synced audio and video experience.”

As advertisers move to mobile-first, mobile-friendly ad formats, publishers are preferring such a format. Media companies including Hearst, The Washington Post, Vox, Conde Nast, and YouTube — among others — are now creating the new vertical video ad placements.

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