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Does Native Advertising Really Measure UpThe IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the MRC (Media Rating Council), and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) have just announced some proposed updates to the Mobile In-App Measurement and Mobile Web Measurement Guidelines.

Overhauled with expert technical help from the IAB Technology Laboratory, the proposed changes have been released for public comment. The changes are designed to improve digital advertising measurement.

“The revised guidelines will shift both mobile in-app and mobile web from a “count-on-download” minimum to a “count-on-begin-to-render” ad impression measurement minimum,” according to a formal announcement on the suggested changes. “References to “served” impressions have been removed from the proposed guidelines, substituting them with the concept of counting event-driven impressions which have a greater potential for an “opportunity-to-see” by an end user.”

Ultimately, the change could better align measurement of these impressions with the counting model in place for viewable impressions.

In related news, the IAB and MRC (again with assistance of the IAB Tech Lab) have also put forward a proposed revision to the Desktop Display Served Impression Guideline, shifting desktop digital ad measurement away from a minimum of “count-on-ad-insertion” approach to a “count-on-begin-to-render” model. That would bring mobile and desktop measurement more in sync with current digital video measurement, which already requires “count-on-begin-to-render.”

“A ‘count-on-begin-to-render’ model is going to offer publishers improved measurement,” said Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB. “These updates will be critical in delivering the efficiencies that marketers and agencies seek from digital campaigns. They move measurement to more closely align with other measurement metrics, such as viewable impressions—providing an avenue to more cohesive cross-platform measurement.”

The main goal, according to Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations at IAB, is to simplify and unify measurement.

“These updated guidelines will serve as a foundation for better digital measurement,” said Gombert. “This shift requires complex technical underpinnings, but will ultimately provide an easy route for simplifying and unifying ad measurement across interactive screens.”

The public comment period for all three guidelines will remain open until February 1, 2017, after which the MRC will consider relevant feedback and make changes to the draft proposal as needed.

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