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New Team in Town: Rubicon Project and Integral Ad Science Partners on Video Viewability ScoresThe whole issue of viewability could become a lot clearer soon, now that Rubicon Project and Integral Ad Science have decided to partner on some improvements.

Rubicon operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world; together with ad tech and data firm Integral Ad Science, the company will soon be able to provide advertisers with reputable, third-party viewability scores for display and video advertising at the individual ad placement level.

Clients will even get those scores within the auction bid request.

“With this important innovation, Rubicon Project and IAS have significantly advanced the viewability discipline,” said Jeremy Mason, VP for Business Development at Audience Science. “We look forward to working with them to bring this valuable data to advertisers everywhere who seek increased transparency and efficacy across the purchase, execution, measurement and attribution process.”

The combined Rubicon Project and IAS viewability offering is being made available to IAS clients and partners for display and video advertising on both desktop and mobile web.

According to the official word shared with MAW, the offering “leverages IAS’s MRC-accredited viewability solution, Rubicon Project’s global premium publisher catalog and the IAB’s new OpenRTB 2.5 metric object to reveal in the bid request how well each individual ad placement is positioned on the page for the consumer to see it.”

“Armed with placement-level predictive viewability scores, media buyers in the Rubicon Project marketplace can make better informed pricing decisions, establish accurate performance measurements, and execute increasingly sophisticated strategies,” said David Marquard, VP of Product Management at Integral Ad Science. “Our data will also empower publishers to use viewability as a selling point.”

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