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New Survey Probes Candid App Developer Views on iOS, AndroidRecently, Tech.Co asked 25 different mobile app developers this defining question: “Who would you rather develop apps for — iOS or Android?”

Let’s cut to the chase. Only two flat out admitted Android was their top choice. Another 16 chose iOS. Interestingly, seven had a more nuanced platform agnostic view, encouraging app developers to consider their goals, capabilities, and preferences instead of simply following the current market hype.

So why do many developers choose iOS? The oft-repeated refrain is: iOS folks plunk down more bucks.

“The biggest reasons I prefer to develop for iOS over Android fall into two main categories: time and money,” admitted Steven Palomino, mobile developer at Speak Creative. “It’s no mystery that iOS users spend more than Android users. A simple Google search yields hundreds of articles confirming that Android users just don’t want to pay for apps. Because Android users don’t pay as often as iOS users do, there is a higher number of pirated copies of apps being used. iOS users would also rather download free apps, but are more willing to dish out the cash for apps they find useful.”

Others remain committed to Android.

Michael Ripa, CIO of AppHive, the makers of Bevy Social, on the other hand, appreciates Android’s quick and nimble process.

“We decided to go with Android first because we wanted to learn and explore what our users would like,” Ripa explained. “We had a vision, but an untested product. Android development allowed for a very short development to test lifecycle. We could get the beta version of the app in the hands of users within hours. We could even deploy into the Google Play store within a few hours as well.”

Where’s the smart money? Maybe with those Lucky 7 commentators who believe that working on all cylinders is the best strategy.

Or, as Dave Todaro, president and COO of Ascendle puts it, “Android has long eclipsed iOS worldwide, but has recently overtaken iOS domestically as well. The problem is you can no longer choose one. You need to develop for both at the same time.”

The full report, available here, is well worth the read.

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