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A server-to-server video pioneer will open its platform to third-party solutions in a bid to help media owners surface the highest paying ad for every opportunity.

Video ad serving platform SpotX’s bidding product will allow media owners to integrate third-party header bidders into their yield management programs.

“Built around SpotX’s advanced ad serving technology, which has provided cloud-based, server-to-server bidding capabilities since 2007, the suite of products has been expanded to include client-side and server-side header bidding options,” the SpotX team tells us.

“Combined, the new tools give media owners flexible options for competing all demand sources simultaneously and to manage demand partner latency, set price floors, allocate priority tiers to campaigns, access integrated analysis and reporting tools, and honor all campaign contracts.”

The use of advanced ad serving tools to execute server-to-server bidding is the most efficient and effective option for competing demand sources simultaneously in video.

“Integrated ad serving and SSP tools enable media owners to execute server-to-server bidding – a more efficient and effective method of competing demand sources than header bidding,” said SpotX’s Senior Director of Product Management, Kevin Hunt.

In cases where media owners have contractual obligations or technology limitations necessitating different header bidding executions, SpotX will provide two core options — either direct integration with SpotX’s advanced ad server with support for third party client-side header bidders or header bidding support for Google’s DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP).

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