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New Solution Aims to Increase User Acquisition for Mobile Apps and GamesNativeMobile was brought up to speed yesterday on a new solution, currently in beta, that could be a game changer for increasing user acquisition for mobile apps and games.

Meet “KiiReferral.” Launched by Kii, an end-to-end mobile backend provider, the company’s newest release is an extension to Kii’s backend platform functionality, giving mobile app developers the ability to add social sharing and referral tracking to their apps.

And we’re told they can do it “in a matter of minutes.”

According to a provided demo and description, KiiReferral helps developers increase downloads by making apps more viral among social media users.

“For example,” the company explains, “mobile game developers can immediately drop in the KiiReferral framework and easily allow users to share their game within social networks. The framework includes an SDK along to easily implement the full functionality in just a few lines of code. In addition, developers can introduce creative triggers such as rewards and incentives to accelerate app conversions and downloads.”

Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii, sounds optimistic about the solution his company has been toiling over.

“Whether you are an enterprise or a garage business, getting your app to the users is a challenge. KiiReferral is designed to provide a better way to promote apps through social media and referrals,” Arai said in a written statement provided to NativeMobile. “Usually it can take weeks to implement such a system, but now developers can set up social sharing and referral tracking within minutes. Our Kii developer portal also includes a real-time dashboard showing number of shares, clicks and conversions over time, allowing developers to easily test the feature.”

For those interested to learn more, KiiReferral is available in the developer portal at

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