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A brand new partnership will allow a full-stack ad tech platform to better monitor for fake traffic, viewability, brand safety, and domain masking.

That’s the goal held by the team of Smart AdServer, a Paris-based full-stack ad technology platform, and ad verification company Fraudlogix. The partnership is about fighting fake traffic – including traffic generated from bots and hijacked devices. The move is part of Smart AdServer’s continued effort to fight ad fraud on behalf of its clients and will help to maintain and improve its inventory quality.

“Smart AdServer serves the buy-side of the advertising ecosystem through its Smart RTB+ Ad Exchange and the sell-side by delivering ads to more than 30,000 websites worldwide through its global network of more than 800 publishers and ad networks,” the company tells MAW.

The move will add another layer of protection for Smart AdServer’s clients. Fraudlogix’s solution enables the platform to monitor its billions of monthly impressions and identify non-human traffic generated by bots, malware, automated scripts, and other fraudulent means as well as flag sites with brand-safety issues.

“Quality has become a key topic in our ecosystem,” explained David Pironon, the Chief Programmatic Officer at Smart AdServer. “At Smart, we want to be at the forefront of this battle against fraud and non-qualitative content. We want to ensure we provide our advertisers with 100 percent non-fraudulent traffic and with the best inventory.”

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