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New Mobile Hyperlink Allows Apps To Interact Like WebpagesThe initial goal of mobile apps was to access all of the pages and information with in the singular application. Within an app there are sometimes links to internal pages to help users find their way around, and access the information they require. However, as applications continue to evolve, and mobile marketing continues to evolve—it has created the need for external linking too.

Google and Apple have long had “deep linking” which creates internal linking within each app, but it is time for mobile hyperlinks too. Mobile hyperlinks will allow apps to link users directly to another app in their repertoire, to websites they are related to, and even to place advertisements that link to external sources.

These new pathways and mobile hyperlinks are underway, and are expected to change the face of many current apps—as well as open the door for new types of apps. It is also expected to impact the relevance of apps, which currently lose 2 out of 3 of their users within 90 days.

The principal behind creating mobile hyperlinks is similar to the creation and evolution of URLs. When the web was first developed, URLs did not operate in the same manner as they do today—but now can quickly and easily link to pages outside of the current website. The introduction of mobile hyperlinks will allow apps to be more user-friendly, and to operate in a similar manner as a webpage.

While mobile hyperlinks can increase an apps functionality, advertisers are the ones most excited about the possibilities they create. While apps as a whole do not yet have the ability to link to external sources, some social media platforms (such as Facebook) have been integrating similar technology with great success.

Mobile hyperlinks are expected to be found during the 2014 calendar year.

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