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New from Searchmetrics Tracking of Mobile App Performance in Search ResultsNothing would help marketers more than a reliable way to track mobile app performance.

Now Searchmetrics has introduced a first in the industry search and content performance software suite. The suite offers the first-ever ability for online marketers to track and compare how their mobile apps perform in paid and organic searches.

“Searchmetrics’ Mobile App Rankings is the first to automate the way app owners and their marketing teams track a particular application’s performance against competitors,” the company announced this week. “Google and other search engines are increasingly displaying mobile apps as potential answers to user queries in mobile search results, making search an important channel for driving app installs and attracting traffic, engagement, and app conversions.”

Mobile App Rankings allow marketers to evaluate both mobile and tablet search performance for Android and iOS apps, down to specific regions. Included is performance data as well as insights about more than 700 mobile and local search engine combinations.

Best of all? A weekly “winners and losers” list showing which mobile apps are trumping peers.

“Searchmetrics is constantly improving its software suite to provide valuable data and insights to help online marketers refine their strategies,’’ said Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics.

One way Searchmetrics aims to do this is with “Competitive Keywords.”

“Searchmetrics also has created a new version of its popular Competitive Keyword Discovery software, adding the ability to see which high-traffic topics and keywords are resonating with competitors, and which might be missing from the researcher’s portfolio,” notes the firm. “Competitive Keyword Discovery can analyze any site’s content and keyword strategies at a domain level and is the only solution providing real-time analysis of individual web pages through a simple URL-level comparison.”

That’s a huge benefit, according to Micah Fisher-Kirshner, senior SEO manager at Zendesk.

“Understanding what phrases your competitors target has never been easier,’’ said “Searchmetrics’ Competitive Keyword Discovery helps me quickly determine what content areas are missing and provides quantitative data to copywriting teams on what topics to add on a URL-to-URL basis,” said Zendesk.

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