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New Data Says Mobile Video Ads Lead The Pack of Best Performing FormatsSmaato is out with its latest quarterly global trends in mobile advertising report, the findings of which were shared with MAW on Thursday.

According to the research presented by the ad company, mobile video ads remain the most effective and best forming ad formats in the mobile space today.

That assessment is the result of Smaato’s analysis of data from billions of mobile ad impressions served on its exchange during the first quarter of this week.

“The report shows strong growth for mobile video advertisements, delivering 11 times higher eCPMs for publishers – a 1,042 percent uplift compared to any other ad format,” Smaato says.

Additionally, we’re told that “there are certain contexts” in which mobile video ads drive higher performance.

The report summary notes that mobile video ads drive higher revenue when shown in-app versus in the mobile web, with iOS apps delivering almost 3x higher eCPMs over the mobile web.

In terms of app categories that deliver highest eCPMs: music saw a +54% eCPM uplift, followed by Video & Computer Games (+38%), Society (+29%) and then Real Estate (+15%). This makes intuitive sense, as people using apps in the Arts and Entertainment category are already being exposed to rich media (including sound), and mobile video ads may seem less invasive.

“Mobile video advertising is showing enormous growth potential, helping publishers to boost their monetization efforts and advertisers to engage their target audiences better,” says Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse. “It’s very encouraging to see the continued overall strength of quarterly mobile ad spend growth, which is up 89% globally. I’m also impressed by the immunity of mobile ad spend to downward macroeconomic factors. For example, Brazil’s emerging mobile market saw quarterly mobile ad spend grow a surprising +121% in Q1 year-over-year – almost as much as the healthy U.S. market at +130% – despite major economic and political challenges.”

To download the full report, and learn more about Smaato’s solutions for mobile app developers and publishers, visit:

The full report is available now (with registration) from Smaato online.

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