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Say hello to “Game Zone,” mobile advertising’s first fully customizable playable ad platform.

Game Zone, an easy-to-use self-service platform that allows game developers, ad agencies, DSPs and ad networks an unprecedented opportunity to personalize module-based gaming ads without writing a single line of code, is the brainchild of creative tech firm justAd.

Game Zone promises to best the currently used template-based playable ad tools.

“Playable ads, or ads displaying a mini game, have been shown to drive far higher levels of engagement and better ad recall among mobile users,” the company tells MAW. “Over more than 100 playable ad campaigns justAd has observed playable ads driving engagement rates averaging 50 clicks per ad, versus standard rich media ads that average approximately 3.5 clicks per ad.”

Research shows that playable ads also deliver better lifetime value (LTV) and nearly double ARPIs (Average Revenue Per Install).

“Deeply customized gaming ads have always required a immense amount of time and resources to create, but they are in high demand because they are effective for marketers and fun for users,” said Yariv Erel, co-founder and CEO at justAd. “Game Zone represents a first in our industry — a free, scalable opportunity to create real games, with logic and stages, that can be played within any ad opportunity.”

Playable ads created in Game Zone are available in both ZIP file and standard HTML/IAB MRAID tag. Event-based reporting and heat map reporting are available by default to ads.

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