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Nest Creates ‘Nest Weave’ and More Aiming for Comprehensive Developer Platform for the HomeNest Labs, Inc. has announced a number of updates to its Works with Nest program, making it the most comprehensive platform for developers building connected home products.

What’s new? Nest Weave, Nest Cam API, and the Works with Nest Store.

Nest Weave is a communication protocol lets devices talk directly to each other and to Nest products. Nest Weave solves many issues associated with connecting products in the home, including the ability to connect power-constrained devices as well as devices that require low latency and redundancy.

Then there’s the Nest Cam API. The new camera API lets developers connect their products to Nest Cam for the first time. August, Mimo, Petnet, Philips hue, and Skybell are the first third-party products to launch Nest Cam integrations providing improved safety and awareness in the home.

Finally, the Works with Nest Store provides an online catalog of all Works with Nest products.

“More than 11,000 developers have accessed Nest’s APIs to connect with Nest products, through the cloud — and 1 in 8 Nest homes are using a Works with Nest integration,” the company tells us. “Developers have built everything from appliances that know not to run when energy prices are high — to light bulbs that flash when there’s smoke in the house. Now, Nest Weave gives developers an entirely new way to work with Nest.”

Matt Rogers, vice president of engineering at Nest, admittedly says that building a connected product is hard. But he’s quick to add, “we’ve been doing it for the past five years and have first-hand experience with the challenges.” It’s a realization that led the company to give devs more attention.

“That’s why we want to make it easier for developers,” Rogers concludes. “We’re offering proven technologies like Nest Weave, along with cloud services and the ability to integrate with the Nest app. Developers have an end-to-end solution when they work with Nest, and can use only the parts of the program that meet their needs.”

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