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Nest Announces Vision to Connect ‘Unloved Devices’Nest executive Francois Girodolle had a clear and concise message for attendees at Apps World 2015, held this week in London.

Nest wants to dramatically improve upon the “unused and unloved” devices that fill our homes.

Nest, if you’re not familiar, is a home automation-focused producer of a wide variety of products.

Girodolle explained to expo attendees that it’s the motivation behind the company’s launch of “Works with Nest” and its current project called “Nest Weave.” Works with Nest allows third party devices to interact with Nest’s products.

“It is an open, free and live program for the developer community, allowing partners to create meaningful interactions,” Girodolle was quoted in the press.

The company introduced the Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011 as its first product. And, ever since, it’s been off to the races for the company, which continues to be a pioneer in the universe of connected home appliances and gadgets.

But to fulfill the company’s dreams of unbridled expansion and innovation, it will need the help of the world’s most creative developers.

“There are already 11,000 developers on the platform, including Pebble, Logitech, and Bosch, and one in eight Nest customers use devices with Works with Nest integration across 100 countries,” according to MobileWorldLive , which is covering the Apps World conference. “Nest Weave is already used internally and will be available to developers next year. It is a communication protocol that lets devices talk directly to each other and to Nest products, independent of the cloud or internet connectivity, using a local API.”

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