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Native Advertising The Week’s Top StoriesHere are the top stories from around the world of native advertising that we’ve been following in the past week.

Talk About Legal Hurdles: Law Firms Are ‘Dunces’ About Social Media Marketing

Lawyers appear to be without their briefs when it comes to social media marketing. Yes, we said it. Attorneys stand stark naked against the powers of social media to build name recognition, foster engagement, and — ultimately — attract clients.

Better Business Bureau Bites Back at Native Ads

Consider yourself warned. The Better Business Bureau has vowed to begin cracking down on advertisers who fail to provide required privacy disclosures for native ads.

Why It’s Time to ‘Wrestle’ with Social Media Marketing

In what amounts to yet another sterling example of the power of social media marketing, the executives at World Wrestling Entertainment must be pleased with their company’s performance in the opening days of the 2014 holiday shopping season.

If ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,’ Native Advertising May be Jared’s Best Buddy

Cue up Marilyn Monroe breathlessly crooning “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” … as well as some holiday-themed native advertising for Jared, known as “The Galleria of Jewelry.” The gem-peddling national retailer knows what sparkles in the marketing world today. That’s why it drew a ring around native advertising campaigns to boost engagement (no pun intended) and sales.

Rudolph May Be Red-Nosed, But Advertisers Who Exploit Him Could End Up Red-Faced

A word to the wise this holiday season, according to chatter NativeMobile has heard: Rudolph won’t guide your sleigh to better sales. Sources we’ve spoken with at a leading U.S. soft drink maker inform us that consumers are not responding favorably to advertisements featuring Rudolph, Santa’s vilified yet ultimately victorious reindeer.

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